So why not take a break by visiting Central Park to recharge your batteries? Ice skating in Central Park is easily one of the most picturesque activities to be enjoyed on a winter’s night. This becomes even more hazardous when the skater has no company while skating on naturally-occurring rinks. A good example of such […]

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Comfort tongue adds mild support. Snug fit is enhanced once the nice leathers are broken in, while the shearling backed tongue removes pressure points on the forefoot. Unique ankle closed system chests and locks down heels with a built-in lace snug. Then she puts this horrible chill down her back and a sick feeling in […]

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The cost should be somewhere between 120SGD and 160SGD, plus shipping. 64.32 plus tax (Friday/Saturday night sessions). A sixth princess, Tinkerbell, is added in as the M/C of the night. Now, tell me I can’t plan an awesome night of fun with a few close friends! A bun is best, but a close second is […]

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Have you got an idea for a post? Thanks for indicating this post to Anonymous. Learning Moves in the area also becomes a necessity at every level so as to compete at a qualifying USFS contest. Will you be joining a competition or taking a figure skating test? The best part is you’ll be looking […]

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Senior Ice Hockey Skates: Up & Sizes 6.0

Comfort tongue provides mild support. Snug fit is improved when the fine leathers are broken up in, while the shearling endorsed tongue eliminates pressure points on the forefoot. Unique ankle closure system envelopes and locks heels using an integrated lace cozy. Then she puts this horrible chill down her back and a sick feeling in […]

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Keep spraying till you are delighted with this, and allow it to dry. Make sure you take tons of sweaters and warm clothes with you since you’ll be outdoors for the vast majority of the evening and it’ll spoil your night in case you can’t bear the cold. You have to check with her to […]

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Ice Mother’s Adventures In Figure Skating

Styrofoam helmets provide good protection since they’re soft and absorbent, but one big hit can put one out of commission. This means that you can always find a comfortable place for this wonderful winter activity. If you can’t find them that are touchscreen compatible, you can always sew in some conductive fiber. As it always […]

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The status of CCM is the result of 100 decades long hardship and dedication to its valuable sports world. Lori places third at her first appearance in the Canadian Figure Skating Championships, and the president of the Canadian Figure Skating Association (CFSA) decides to place her World Figure Skating Championship group instead of the silver […]

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If you can slide more than one finger all the way down there, then the skates are too loose. But, apparently we didn’t need a Sno-Bus, we skated our way down on this wonderful natural ice surface all the way to the lake and didn’t even need to rest. No matter what style stick you […]

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While I just performed double jumps and double combinations, there are skaters doing triple jumps who need an even stronger boot. They are attached to the boot by a strong piece of plastic known as a tuuk. They’re wonderful for musicians and thin art paint. You should remember that expensive skates will not make you […]

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The Way To Choose The Best Ice Skates For Kids